Cola Roast

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      A friend tipped me off to this one

      Stick a roast in…cheap cuts okay!

      sprinkle on a packet of dry onion soup mix

      dump on a can of coke

      Cook on low for 8 hours.

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      how is this??? yummy??

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      So So yummy will have to try

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      @Aimers 243914 wrote:

      how is this??? yummy??

      A good family friend told me about this many years ago. But we were discussing what to do with a Deer roast.
      It turned out great!

      It was so tender and tasty. June told me it was due to the cola. She was right about the recipe being good…

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      Thanks! I’ve cooked roasts before with a can of coke…. the soda is a meat tenderizer I’ve heard.

      I bought a roast tonight to have it 😉 yummm!

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      The timing on this is fantastic! We were just given a roast that will need this kind of tlc! Can’t wait to taste it!

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      Easy to make and taste great !

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      Can you use any type of roast or just beef? How about pork? Could you use Dr. Pepper or pepsi instead of coke?

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      I have used cheaper brands of soda and it works.

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      cinnamon1916, its been my experience that any dark soda will do the trick!

Viewing 9 reply threads
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