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      I have not tried this for a while. But, was told the banks here will
      count change for anyone anymore. You have to come in with it in rolls

      I have yet to see one of these machines. My friend in Arlington TX
      tells me they are all over the place and she just dumps a styrofoam
      cup full in one of these machines and it gives you the money in bills.
      My bank won’t take rolled coins from non customers and customers wo
      bring in rolled coins for deposit or to be “cashed in for bills”
      have to write their account # on the rolls. If you are short, it comes
      out of your account. Also they will not count large sums of unrolled
      coins as that takes time. They don’t charge customers for the
      wrappers. You can buy pre-formed wrappers at Wal-art and most Staples
      stores for like .99-$1.50 for an assorted bag. I don’t have one of
      those machines and probably won’t buy one soon either. I roll the
      coins when I am watching t.v. or on rainy days, so they are always
      ready to be spent or takent to the bank. Once when we got really
      down and out, we paid our utility bills and grocery shopped (we live
      in a small town of less than 2300). So most business know me. I
      have even bought stuff we needed at the Dollar Store with rolled
      coins. 🙂

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