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      3 cups granulated sugar
      1 cup milk
      3 cups shredded coconut

      In a saucepan, boil sugar and milk over medium heat until it becomes a thin
      syrup (232 to 240 degrees on your candy thermometer). Add coconut, stirring
      constantly to prevent burning. Color should be a nice golden brown.

      over a flat plate and let cool. May be eaten warm or chilled. Makes 24 pieces

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      This sounds so good.

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      Are these the ones that you can cover in chocolate and they taste like mounds candy bars ???

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      Oh man – if it’s not the one I bet it would be good anyway – and easy too.

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      Yeah we used to make them at Christmas !!! They were so good and if you want almond joys just add the almonds!!! I mean what could be better than homemade candy bars ???

      You can’t beat that with a stick if you ask me !!!

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      This one sounds good and easy. (love the chocolate Idea)

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      I’ve made them with choc like you said and ohhh my were they good.

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      I have a big tub of these I made last week….with chocolate on them too…a few of them I added mint too…..yummy!!!

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      Oh man I bet the mint is good too !!!!

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      Yep!! With out the mint its like a mounds…with the mint its sorta like a coconut peppermint patty 🙂

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      You know what? I’ll bet just reading all these posts is fattening!!!

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      You think so???? Then I think I am about to gain alot!!!

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      It’s a done deal, girl!!!

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      oh no….and i really thought about going on a diet….thats blown out the window!!

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      I love Mound candy bars. At least with this recipe we would know there are no preservatives.

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