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      I used to work for an insurance company. Blue Cross and Blue Sheild. For cobra policies you can not make paymnts they have to be paid in full and on time.

      also as far as preexxisting you can not have even 1 day inbetween. And depending on th einsurance co the pre-exsiting may be up to 18 months. So basically anything that you are treated for with that diagnosis will NOT be covered.

      I now work in a Dr.’s office and the vsts cn range anywhere from $80.00-$200.00. and that does not included anything else that is done besides the office vsts.

      Monique wrote: No, you can’t make payments. BUT, I’m pretty sure that federal law states that you can have a lapse of less than 63 days. Let me see if I can find the link.

      I’ve only sold a few health policies so I haven’t kept up with the law.

      On Dec 17, 2007 12:50 AM, Jaimie <sosoft_2003@yahoo.com> wrote:

      Hi, my husband recently changed jobs and we had to take the Cobra
      insurance for 3 months until his insurance at his new job takes
      effect…due to the fact that we both have pre-existing conditions and
      his new insurance at his new
      job could turn us down for that we found
      There cant be a lapse in insurance or the new ins.

      company can decline
      you and your family – no matter what. SO we are stuck with this Cobra
      We found that our prescription totals would be less then the premium
      but we have to have insurance to have us covered under a new job
      because of thep pre-existing conditions.
      Get this – our premium is $848.00 a month! But we have to have it or
      we may never be covered again if we have a lapse in insurance.
      Our next premium is due at the end of Dec.

      and it says it has to be
      paid in full…does anyone know if we can make payments to them or
      what else we can do…thats alot of money for us and will take over 2
      paychecks to just pay for the insurance.
      We only have to have it until Feb. 1st but it’s killing us and our
      Christmas by paying it.
      Anything you know about Cobra would be great.

      We tried to sign up for a few
      things but PPA was not a insurance
      policy and we would lapse and risk losing insurance for us and our
      kids, and through the state we make $48.00 too much gross.
      If they would look at what we bring home in pay instead of gross wew
      would be under the limit by alot. So we are stuck with cobra.
      Thank you.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Cobra Insurance info needed or any help with this matter. Thank you!