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      Your cobra is cheap! When Nick switched jobs, we were immediatly

      insured 2 days later by his new job (his last day at the old place

      was Friday, and he started at the next job on Monday). We knew we

      wouldn’t be getting the cobra, but I was totally unprepared for how

      much it would cost.

      For us, the cobra was almost $1200 a month for the basic medical

      insurance that we had through CMU. Then it was another $400 a month

      for perscription insurance, and $800 a month for the dental. When I

      read the $1200, I was shocked, but assumed it was for the entire

      deal. Then I turned the page. I was sooo very glad i didn’t have to

      do that- there is just no way the average family can afford to d


      as for making payments, call the company and see what they say. i

      don’t think they allow it, though, because you already are making

      payments once a month, rather than one lump sum.

      you might be able to lower the benefits, though, within the terms

      you had through the work program. for instance, if there is dental

      on it, and you don’t need it, ask to cut that. if you have a co-pay

      for appointments, ask if raising the co-pay slightly will lower the

      amount at all.

      just talk with a representative about how you can lower the overall


      — in Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, “Jaimie” wrote:


      > Hi, my husband recently changed jobs and we had to take the Cobra

      > insurance for 3 months until his insurance at his new job takes

      > effect…due to the fact that we both have pre-existing conditions


      > his new insurance at his new job could turn us down for that we


      > out.

      > There cant be a lapse in insurance or the new ins. company can


      > you and your family – no matter what. SO we are stuck with this


      > insurance.

      > We found that our prescription totals would be less then the


      > but we have to have insurance to have us covered under a new job

      > because of thep pre-existing conditions.

      > Get this – our premium is $848.00 a month! But we have to have it


      > we may never be covered again if we have a lapse in insurance.

      > Our next premium is due at the end of Dec. and it says it has to


      > paid in full…does anyone know if we can make payments to them or

      > what else we can do…thats alot of money for us and will take

      over 2

      > paychecks to just pay for the insurance.

      > We only have to have it until Feb. 1st but it’s killing us and our

      > Christmas by paying it.

      > Anything you know about Cobra would be great.


      > We tried to sign up for a few things but PPA was not a insurance

      > policy and we would lapse and risk losing insurance for us and our

      > kids, and through the state we make $48.00 too much gross.

      > If they would look at what we bring home in pay instead of gross


      > would be under the limit by alot. So we are stuck with cobra.

      > Thank you.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Cobra Insurance info needed or any help with this matter. Thank you!