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      So with my new Woman’s Day subscriptions piling in each week, I read an article about “clutter” in the house. And guess what it said… not to get freebies!

      It explained that these are items you wouldn’t pay for most of the time and just build dust so they aren’t worth it. I kind of disagree, depending on the item. What do you all think?

      What do you do to reduce clutter? I’ve noticed my apartment is getting kind of crowded.

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      not to get freebies! it explained that these are items you wouldn’t pay for most of the time and just build dust so they aren’t worth it.

      oh i so disagree with this…get a freebie, get them all :074:, use them! I can see not getting a freebie item if you have no use for them but I can always find someone to hand them off to if I really don’t want them.

      I find that what clutters the most is the things that I have gone out and purchased. But then that is why you have a yard sale :042:

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      I would have to disagree also about not getting freebies. I have gotten to try several brands of different items, by signing up for freebies. So many products to chose from out in the stores any more.

      I have to agree with Kim’s statement here, I do the same thing..

      i can see not getting a freebie item if you have no use for them but i can always find someone to hand them off to if i really don’t want them.
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      i semi agree.. sometimes i get freebies i don’t need but i want to get them. most freebies i get and use.

      i can see how some people sign up for every single freebie they see and then guess what, it’s on a shelf or in a box collecting dust and hogging up space.

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      I got plenty of clutter but none of it is my freebies! I’m a piler. I start through the mail and pull out the good stuff and pile the rest to deal with later.

      I start projects and get stopped in the middle; I pile it up to deal with later. I got piles all over the place. Trying hard to break my piling habit!

      I only get freebies I or someone I know will use so they aren’t the problem, I am!

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      Thought I would add my two cents…I work as an organizer. Freebies only become clutter if you have no use for them. For example if you have a few sample bottle of shampoo that have been setting around for a year and have not used it…chances are you aren’t going to.

      Give them to someone who will use it and then don’t sign up for any more. I work with a lot of clients that have problems not accepting free things. When you accept something free it occupies space, space that you are buying or renting, so in a sense it is not free.

      If you space becomes more cluttered then it is costing you and is time to purge. I suggest donating items to charity or friends/family. When your space is less cluttered it’s easier to clean…just a bonus.

      Hope this helps a little.

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      I like sending for freebies, only the ones that I know I will use or give to someone. My clutter is the piles of mail that I get. The rest I usually give away to charity or have a rummage sale.

      So it really depends on how you see clutter. Just don’t send off the things that you won’t use, it’s a waste for the company and you. I don’t want them spending thier time or money on something that I don’t want, and I don’t to take up space in my house for something that I will never use.

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      Free samples are sometimes things I’d never buy, but they aren’t clutter. They’re little treats in my mailbox! I’d never buy most of the cereals I get as samples, but the kids like having them now and then.

      I’d never, ever buy any of the fancy facial treatments I get as samples, but I keep them in a small basket in my bathroom for a quick pampering when I feel the urge.

      One can go overboard and freebies can become clutter. two examples i can think of off the top of my head are those blind retrofitter kits and the charmin extenders. if you ordered those and didn’t need them, they are clutter.

      personally, i only order things i want to try or think i can use.

      clutter is mc d’s happy meal toys (i wish they’d do away with them and offer a book like chick fil a instead!!). clutter is stacks of old magazines that you don’t read anymore. clutter is not food or personal care items or other useful freebies.

      i would be tempted to write in to the magazine and express my opinion on the article’s advice. free samples save my family money every month. we get several free meals each month as well as all the travel-size shampoos and personal care items we could use for vacation each year.

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