cloth napkins and wipes

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      At 10:25 PM 8/3/2008, you wrote:

      >Just wondering what any of you find most absorbent for rags? Cotton

      >T’s??? I am wanting to use more rags but don’t find them very

      >absorbent. Thanks. Lisa

      For cloth napkins, I try to stay with all cotton fabric. For

      cleaning rags, I usually use old towels. Once the old towels are

      showing their age, I usually cut them down using my serger, which

      does a nice finished edge at the same time. I also use my odd bits

      of thread to finish them. On using t-shirts, all cotton is great,

      and usually 80% cotton or greater is just as good. The problem I

      have with using old shirts that are not 100% cotton is that when the

      shirts get old, the cotton starts wearing out and the percentage of

      synthetic is higher.

      The next time the t-shirt factory has it’s sidewalk sale, I may have

      to go and buy some of the seconds shirts just to use as cleaning

      rags. I’ve seen 4XL shirts in the box, and the last time I was there

      shirts were 50 cents each. I should be able to cut a number of

      cleaning rags from a 4XL shirt. 🙂

      Ann in Arkansas

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