cloth napkins and wipes

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      Wow,I like that idea, Suzi! I’m going to do that with mine; they’re all dingy even when their “clean”!

      …….wendy n…….

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      from: Suzi McMullen
      Date: 8/1/2008 9:19:50 AM
      Subject: Re: : cloth napkins and wipes

      I am a little bit like monk. I HATE germs. I keep a one gallon pitcher on the counter and throw wash cloths in there with bleach water. I use as many as 15-20 per day in just my normal cleaning and when we are out of wet ones I use many more on hands and faces.

      I don’t always wash them every day though. Because they sit in bleach all day long which kills germs, most every day when my sink is free of dishes I fill it up with hot water and wash and rinse them all by hand. Then I throw them back into the pitcher with clean bleach water and I re-use them right from there.

      Whenever I do a load of white clothes or light colored clothes I throw them in before the other clothes and fill the maching part way so I don’t accidentally bleach something with a little color on it. All my dish cloths are white even if they once had color. I like using white because when I do the floors on my hands and knees or wash walls etc., I can see the dirt and know if I’m getting something clean or not.


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      From: shellbeau813
      Sent: Friday, August 01, 2008 7:37 AM
      Subject: : cloth napkins and wipes

      Everyone is talking about replacing paper towels and such with cloth-
      I think its a great idea. I have a question though. I use dish cloths
      to do dishes and wipe down counters etc.

      I use one all day, then
      throw it in the wash and start with a clean one the next day. They
      get thrown in with my regular wash. But they come out smelling musty
      and stinky.

      Should I do a special load of them and bleach them up
      instead? What do you all do?

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