cloth napkins and wipes

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      Do you put a binding of some sort on then once you cut them up? Do they

      fray or stay pretty much the same. I woul dlove to try this as our

      Goodwill has a sale every Month(FIrst Saturday) and it is 50% off the

      whwhole store.

      — In, Marlene Plemel wrote:


      > I also go to Goodwill and purchase cotton clothing from the $1.19

      bins, we are also lucky enough to have a Goodwill outlet. There you buy

      clothing and just about everything by the lb. It really helps. You

      might check to see if they have a Godowill Outlet Store in your area.


      > Marlene


      > — On Mon, 8/4/08, Ann Garner wrote:

      > Subject: Re: : Re: cloth napkins and wipe

      > >Just wondering what any of you find most absorbent for rags? Cotton

      > >T’s??? I am wanting to use more rags but don’t find them very

      > >absorbent. Thanks. Lisa

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