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      So I went on ebay and found this great deal on all in one cloth diapers for
      my soon to be born son. They were used and a lot of people on ebay buy used
      cloth diapers, in fact they are a hot commodity on ebay since they are so
      expensive to buy them new, oftentimes there are 10 people or more bidding on
      just one auction and there are listings for hundreds of auctions of sellers
      selling their cloth diapers. I used cloth diapers on my dd as well.

      I use
      disposable when we go out and about because i find that cloth diapers leak
      and yes I use the velcro or snap contour diapers not the ones with pins, I
      cant stand the ones with pins. Anyways, when I told my husband I bought
      them on ebay and they were used he was completely disgusted that I would use
      them on our newborn. He thinks that there could be viruses in the diapers
      that could infect our child.

      I thought this was riduculous but thought I’d
      see if any of you have heard that before. I mean baby poop and pee is baby
      poop and pee, thats it its all gross. I will wash them with some bleach the
      first time and then rinse them several times with vinegar to make sure they
      are sanitary, I dont see a problem.

      Is there anyone out there that can
      imagine problems with this? I called our dr office to ask as well and the
      nurse said she never heard of viruses in diapers and that viruses need
      something like moisture to live on and that bleach kills just about
      everything. She even asked the other dr’s and nurses.


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