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      Jeez, no way can virus’s live that long. As a rn working in the neonatal
      unit, we were told to make sure to place our shoes in the sun as much as
      possible after each shift. sunlight, those uv rays and such are great for
      killing stuff as well as a natural bleaching agent.

      i used cloth diapers
      on all four of my children, they are all grown up now and never suffered
      from repeated virus’s.

      plus if that were true then hospitals would have to throw away each
      towel, sheet, blanket, gowns and cloth items after each use. doesn’t
      happen, but i can tell you the laundry systems uses some pretty basic
      cleaning items, bleach as one of them. yes they do clean at high temps to
      kill but bleach is a very effective killing agent for all kinds of

      so don’t worry about it. use general cleaning of those diapers
      and don’t worry about passing any virus’s.


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