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      With my oldest child I used cloth and disposables. She was on a schedule and I

      could time

      her BM’s so I would change her to a disposable right before that time. That

      made the cloth

      diapers a whole lot easier to deal with if they were just peed in. And yes I

      used disposable

      when we went out. they now have the cloth diapers that are pre-folded and have

      velcro on

      the sides.

      > Okay, you budget-minded moms! I need some advice, tips, secrets or whatever

      you’ve got

      regarding cloth diapering your baby!

      > I am due to give birth in a few weeks and would like to save money by using

      cloth with this

      baby (we have two before this one, so I know the money it costs to use



      > What kind of diapers did you prefer?

      > How did you wash your diapers?

      > How many are needed?


      > Thanks SO much!


      > Holly


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