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      Hi Holly!

      Congrats on baby number 3!!

      My husband and i have been using cloth diapers on our son for a year

      now and we love them. It is great for our budget!

      We bought ours off and i got the folding and cleaning

      info off

      my best advice for going with cloth is to invest in the mini shower

      sprayer you can buy from go with the shower sprayer,

      not the other one, we had problems with that one attaching to the

      toilet. with the shower sprayer you don’t have to scrub the diapers!

      i love it!!

      we bought the chinease pre-folds and the generic covers. we bought 40

      smalls (he was in those until he was 4 months old) and 50 large (he’ll

      be in those until he’s potty trained). WE only have to do laundry

      every 3 days. we bought 3 covers of each size. I wash the covers in

      the sink each night and hang them to dry in the shower.

      i am a huge advocate of cloth diapers, although i understand that they

      are not for everyone. My son was both breastfed and later he was

      formula fed for 2 months and i never had any problems using cloth

      diapers like one of the other ladies did.

      We do use disposable diapers when we go out and we use them overnight

      because we found it was easier on us that way. But my husband and i

      never spend more than $20 a month on disposable diapers.

      if you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at just put “cloth diapers” in the subject line so i

      don’t think it’s spam mail 🙂



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