Cloth Diaper advice

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      No help here on the questions you ask. But a suggestion!! Anyone who asks

      what you want or need for the baby, tell them cloth diapers!! This will

      help out with the initial up front costs of buying them. Even if they get a

      brand or type you might not want, it will give you a chance to try various

      ones and see if you like something else better. And some of them can be

      used as burp clothes or soakers too.



      > 6. Cloth Diaper advice

      > Posted by: “Dave & Holly Renodin” hollyrenodin

      > Date: Fri Jun 22, 2007 12:25 pm ((PDT))


      > Okay, you budget-minded moms! I need some advice, tips, secrets or

      > whatever you’ve got regarding cloth diapering your baby!

      > I am due to give birth in a few weeks and would like to save money by

      > using cloth with this baby (we have two before this one, so I know the

      > money it costs to use disposables!)


      > What kind of diapers did you prefer?

      > How did you wash your diapers?

      > How many are needed?


      > Thanks SO much!


      > Holly

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