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      Hi Holly!

      Congrats on baby number 3!!

      I ordered my diapers from and got my info on care and

      folding from We use Chinese pre-folded cloth diapers,

      generic covers, and snappies instead of diaper pins. also, go ahead

      and buy a “minni shower sprayer” that they sell on

      It’s the best 39.99 you’ll ever spend!! it has kept me from scrubbing

      on my hands and kness!

      As far as cleaning goes, i use my regular detergant. I add vinegar to

      the wash (all this info is on the website)

      We do use disposable diapers for going out and for overnight, it

      caused the least amount of hassle on us!! WE don’t spend more than

      $20 a month on disposable diapers for my now 1 year old! i love it.

      I bought 50 pre-fold diapers (the cheapest ones, and we have had no

      problems with them) and i only have to do the wash every 3 days.

      If you have any specific questions, you can e-mail me at just put “cloth diapers” in the subject line 🙂

      We’ve been doing it for a year now and i love it!!! I am a real

      advocate for it, but i understand that it’s not for everyone! I wish

      you luck! feel free to e-mail me with any questions or concerns and i

      will do my best to help!!


      mommy to Mason

      — In, “Dave & Holly Renodin”



      > Okay, you budget-minded moms! I need some advice, tips, secrets or

      whatever you’ve got regarding cloth diapering your baby!

      > I am due to give birth in a few weeks and would like to save money

      by using cloth with this baby (we have two before this one, so I know

      the money it costs to use disposables!)


      > What kind of diapers did you prefer?

      > How did you wash your diapers?

      > How many are needed?


      > Thanks SO much!


      > Holly


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