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      Does anyone have any ideas for removing hair that gets caught in the drain of the bathtub. I don’t like using drano and the tweezers do not get the hair around the corner. It’s almost like I need a flexible hook.

      Does anyone have any ideas? I know it’s a gross topic, sorry.

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      I do not know if this would work, but I have been told that an effective hair-removal tool can be made by unraveling a wire coat hanger and bending the end into a hook with a needle-nose pliers. Insert the hook between the cross hairs and pull out any hair or soap scum pieces that are lodged there. Hope this helps.

      Thanks; Virginia

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      I have had the same problem in my new (rented) home. Both tubs were closed up because of hair clogs. I like Virginia’s suggestion for doing this (wish I had remembered when I had to do it – lol).

      If you use a wire hanger use the end that has the ridges, then after you insert twist the hanger like you are rolling up a ball of cotton candy. This will tangle the ends on the hanger and helps pull bigger catches at one time.

      I actually ended up using an afgan stitch crochet hook, process is the same. Twisting catches and winds up the hair to allow you to pull it free.

      There is a if new product out for drain clogs. It is a drain snake and can be used the same way as above. These are less than 10 dollars, and work fine for tubs and sinks if its long enough.

      It is also reusable. The plumbers that come in the event that you can’t get that hair clog undone will thank you for not using the ots chemical methods, they are hazardous to your health.

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