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      Here’s a few tips to make cleaning quick and easy.


      1. Older children can be responsible for washing their own dishes.
      If you can, buy sets according to color, and assign them each 1
      color. Then, if it’s not washed, you know who used it last. They
      only need 1 set if they are doing them as they should. Younger
      children can help you by rinsing, drying, and putting away.

      2. Doing the dishes after each meal takes a lot less time than
      letting them all build up over several meals.

      3. Load the dishwasher (if you have one) through out the day, and
      run it once it’s full. To save money, don’t run the drying cycle.
      Instead, just open the door and pull the bottom rack out most of the
      way, and the top rack partially.

      Around the house

      1. Get a laundry basket for each kid, and have them walk through the
      house with it once a day to pick up any of their things scattered
      about- clothing, books, toys, ipods, cell phones, etc. Make a game
      of it for the younger kids. Anything missed goes into a big box, and
      put away for a week.

      2. Get a file folder for corrected school work that comes home, so
      it doesn’t wind up cluttering end tables, desks, and piles on the

      3. Schedule 1 day when everyone is home for a thourough cleaning-
      vaccumming, dusting, catching up on all dishes, cleaning the
      bathrooms, windows, etc. Do this in the morning to avoid putting it
      off, and the house will feel much cleaner through out the week, and
      clutter won’t get a chance to build.

      4. Designate a box or laundry basket for give away items. As you do
      a thourough cleaning, or even just a spot cleaning, toss items into
      the box that you don’t use, don’t fit, don’t wear, or just don’t
      want. Once a month, post it to freecycle, or donate it.

      5. Schedule 1 small daily chore for each child- whether it’s picking
      up newspaper, or taking any dirty dishes to the kitchen, or sweeping
      the floor, or taking the garbage out, etc. Mix it up so each child
      rotates what they do. A 10 minute clean up each day keeps things
      looking nice, and makes it easier to do a thourough cleaning.

      6. Make it fun. Put in some fun upbeat dance music, and blast it (if
      you can) and dance around while cleaning. No one is watching except
      the kids, and if they think it’s fun, they’ll be MUCH more likely to
      do it!

      7. Skip making the bed. Does anyone see your bedroom? Is it just
      going to be messed up again? If it doesn’t bother you to see it
      messy, then don’t make it. There are little jobs that we do that
      just do not need to be done all the time.

      8. Keep an extra couple of trash bags in the bottom of the trash can
      so they are right there when you pull the garbage out. Or, better
      yet, set up 3 or 4 bags, so when 1 is pulled out, there’s already
      another one in place.

      9. Get small baskets to put on a shelf, 1 for each child. If they
      have small things they use in the shared living space, such as
      books, school stuff, etc, allow them to keep it in their basket to
      avoid going back and forth to get it and take care of it.

      10. Don’t be afriad to take 10 minutes to just sit down. Take a
      break, you deserve it. Your children don’t care if you didn’t get
      the bathroom mirror wiped down, or the tv dusted off immediatly.
      Take time to enjoy life, even if the house is a bit on the messy
      side still.

      Keep in mind when using cleaning products and soaps-

      Antibacterial isn’t always best, and can be more harmful to children
      than allowing them to be occasionally exposed to germs! More and
      more germs are becoming resistant to the anti-bacterial products!
      And children who are never exposed to a germ will never have a body
      that learns to fight it off.

      Obviously there are exceptions, but kids 50 years ago lived just
      fine when Mom only used hot water to wipe off the counters!

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