Cleaning my HE washer

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      I recently got a he washer.
      i have seen posts about what type of detergent/fabric softener to use. [thank you] i was wondering what folks are using to “clean” the washer. i understand they need to be cleaned regularly, but the cleaner is expensive and i have a septic system and don’t want to damage it.

      input please!

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      I have had 2 he washers, they both got horrid musty smells and i bought the really expensive “he washer cleaner”. then, a friend turned me onto homemade laundry soap. violla!!!

      no smell, no hint of musty smell ever again. so i would recommend using homemade laundry soap, not only is it cheaper, but clothes smell better and no more smell (plus added savings of not buying that cleaner!)

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      Thank you for your input. I’m planning on going to homemade, glad I won’t have to worry about “cleaning” the washer.

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      I have noticed as well that since I switched to homemade soap there is no longer any odor in the machine. I also use 1/4 cup of vinager in the rinse cycle instead of fabric softener.

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      I also started using 1/4 c vinegar in a full wash cycle and I leave the door cracked open in between uses.

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