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      I worked for a Vision center for ten years. I mainly fit and dispensed eyeglasses. Clean plastic lenses with 100% cotten cloth. DO NOT use paper products of any kind. No kleenex, toilet paper or wipes. There are certain paper wipes that are advertised as being for cleaningeyeglasses. Do not use them. I have seen many scratched glasses that were clean only with these so called eyeglass wipes. There are fibers in all paper products that scratch.
      There are microfiber cotten cloths that are soldby mosteyeglass dispensers. They probaly cost a couple of dollars these days. They can be washed and used over and over for years. You can also use an old cotten tshirt.

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      i have new eyeglasses. they are plastic lenses. what do you use on your eyeglasses to clean them

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