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      We have two dogs in our house, a lab and a chow chow. The latter of which is constantly leaving “tumble weed” wherever she roams. I am constantly and forever attached to the vaccum cleaner but when it comes to the stairs it’s a never ending battle. Stuff is always collecting on them and seems nothing I do really gets them clean.

      The vaccum is a joke, I swear I can hear both the stairs and vaccum laugh when I try to clean, honestly!!

      Ok well I found this out quite by accident. After brushing out Gracie the chow chow one day, I couldn’t quite get all the hair picked up so I took one to the brushes that I use on her and swiped it across the floor and it swooped it all right up without a trace!!! A paddle type dog brush, with the fine metal bristles.

      Get one of these brushes and use it one your stairs. I just start at the top and lightly comb them. It picks up everything.

      I have even used this brush in areas on the carpets where furniture has matted it down. Just lightly comb over it and it brings it right back to life!!!!!!:045:


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      Dog brush with fine metal bristles?? I have one of those somewhere…that is a great idea…thanks!!

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      Yeah it really works great!! Just make sure it’s the kind of brush where the bristles are kinda bent, not the kind with the balls on the end of the bristles.

      The only draw back so far for me has been, when I go to get it from under the sink.. Gracie sees me get it and she thinks she’s gonna get brushed and she started jumping around in circles and then flops unto the floor like a fish outta water!!! Of course knocking something over in the process making another mess for me to clean up once I’m done with the stairs!!!!:017:


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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Tips-n-Tricks Cleaning Carpeted Stairs