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      Hi (again, in the same day, even!) =)

      I have a question to pose to the group. My husband and I just
      bought a house about a month ago, and 2 weeks ago got two kittens
      (they turned 9 weeks old yesterday!). I’ve grown up with cats and
      kittens, but never paid attention to what my parents did in terms of

      Now’s my question..short of closing them in a room all day (can’t do
      that, it’s been pretty warm here!), does anyone have any good
      cleaners for things like bathtubs, toilets, and floors, that won’t
      harm kittens if they get into it? More specifically, the kittens
      will go into the bathroom and look like they want to lick the side
      of the bathtub..I want to clean it, but don’t want to harm them when
      doing so. Same goes for the toilets, and the kitchen floor. The
      kitchen floor is (I think) porcelain tile with white grout, and
      we’re not sure what’ll work on that that we won’t have to keep our
      eyes on the kittens every second once we’re done cleaning. We’re
      not home all day, and just can’t keep them locked up in a room, plus
      the fact that keeping the bathrooms closed all the time is keeping
      them pretty humid.

      I hope this message made sense…this has been a long week!

      Thanks in advance for any make-your-own, commercial, or other kitten
      friendly cleaners you can think of!


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