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      Does your firewood & kindling get wet when you’re camping or in the backyard near your fire pit? does it get scattered around and you have to send the kids to pick it up? well, that’s what we used to do! here’s how we keep it organized now!

      take 2 cinderblocks and 2 2″x4″x8′ boards, cut them in half, now you have 4- 2″x4″x4′ boards.


      Put the cinderblocks together, slip the 2bys into the holes to create a V shape and stack your firewood. This is great for camping and really not that difficult to put a couple cinderblocks in the back of the truck when you’re packing up.

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      We do this in our basement because the floor is really damp and we occasionally have light flooding (less than an inch) before the sump pump kicks in fully.The 2x’s can hold quite a bit of weight as long as the logs are balanced out.

      We do it for regular split firewood, not just kindling.

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