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      The first “bake at…” should be 35/45 minutes…

      ~ Rustey

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      Subject: RE: : church socials

      broccoli soufflé dish (i always double this recipe & it freezes too)

      1 Can Cream of Mushroom Soup

      3/4 C Mayo

      1 C shredded cheddar cheese

      1 lg bag (16/14 oz?) defrosted broccoli pcs/florets-cooked only 5-7 mins

      You want the broccoli firm but not frozen or overcooked.

      Mix everything together adding the broccoli last. Spray glass dish or

      Corning Ware & bake 3545 mins at 350 or if you double the recipe & put into

      one large dish, bake at 350 for 1+ hour. (I take it out & check the

      firmness.) This dish is called “Soufflé” but it doesn’t puff up like usual


      You want a semi-firm top when you remove it from oven.

      I always use Organic foods and baby florets but it works with (chopped)

      broccoli pieces & “lite” mayo too.

      This is my most popular and frugal dish for suppers & gatherings of all


      ~ rustey in de

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      Subject: : church socials

      i need two very simple,easy dishes for up comming potlucks,gatherings

      at church.

      one has to be the 4th of July theme based(side dish,or dessert) the

      other can be a casserole(non-meat,side or dessert).I have no luck with

      these things and always think that no one will enjoy what I bring. Can

      you guys help me out? Thanks


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