Christmas without money

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      Someone mentioned not being able to afford Christmas for kids this

      year and I think now would be a good time to share things to MAKE for

      Christmas for little or no money. A friend of mine said her favorite

      Christmas was a doll and doll clothes she got one year for Christmas.

      She was at a family dinner and they were talking about their favorite

      Christmas and when my friend mentioned the doll her mother broke down

      crying. Her mother told her that that year they’d had no money for

      Christmas – so her father had made her a doll house and had made

      furniture out of whatever they could find. They had gotten a doll at

      Goodwill and her mom had sewn the clothes. Her mother said she had

      cried thinking what a terrible Christmas but it was my friends

      favorite one – maybe she could feel the love in the handmade items!

      Here are my ideas – and now is a good time to start making things.

      Also, be sure to start watching for things from freecycle and

      watching garage sales and thrift shops.

      1. Doll house – (the little white plastic things in Pizza boxes make

      good tables)

      2. Doll clothes – (could even be for a doll she already has)

      3. Bean bags – (for small child make one shaped like a frog – for

      older kids make squares and then take a piece of cardboard – cut

      holes in it and paint(or use crayons) around each hole in a different


      4. Take a piece of cardboard and draw roads, gas station, etc and

      get a car that fits the roads you draw or again – use a car he

      already has.

      5. School supplies will soon be really cheap at WalMart/Target and

      such places – grab a few extras and put away for Christmas.

      6. Get some recycling ideas and make a kit and give to older kids.

      You can make a bird house out of a milk carton or maybe you have some

      scrap wood and hubby can cut out a wood bird house – you can add some

      paint, screws, etc and make your own kit. KarenMO

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