Christmas without money

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      One year when I was little there was no money either……we popped

      popcorn and strung it on the trees outside to decorate and the birds

      ate it. All we needed was a needle and some thread.

      hung some of dads socks on a door, there were 4 of us girls……and we

      only got switches in them that year…I remember mom saying we were

      such bad little girls that Santa did not come.

      That is a memory all 4 of us remember, not a good one.

      So at least make some cookies, decorate them….

      Maybe a time to tell the kids the ‘truth’ about ‘santa’…..and that

      the holiday is about family love not ‘things’.

      Perhaps where you live plan a neighborhood snowball fight and hot cocoa


      Plan a neighborhood caroling party.

      Make it a giving event instead of recieving, have them clean up older

      toys they don;’t play with and donate to local groups collecting items.

      Its about making memories as someone said earlier.

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