Christmas without money

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      >I made Karen a very pretty ragdoll from fabric I already had with a

      >pattern from a magazine. I sewed a lot so I had a lot of fabric. I

      >made her a couple of flannel nightgowns,

      I know that when I was growing up, anything Mom sewed I felt was

      special. The pattern and the fabric was picked out especially for

      me, so it had to be special. 🙂 Hand made does not mean cheap or

      thrifty to most in my family. It means you are worth the time and

      effort I am putting into making the gift.

      One year I crocheted some slippers for everyone, they were made

      similar to tube socks. My niece asked her son if he liked the

      slippers Aunt Ann had made. She was quickly informed that they were

      not slippers, they were ninja-jedi boots. I’d say those were a hit.

      Ann in Arkansas

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