Christmas without money

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      something i did last year for my scrapbook club that was a fun, cute and cheap idea.

      they are all coffee drinkers–so i dipped clear plastic spoons in melted chocolate, let cooland bundled them together and gave each girl 5 spoons and a handmade card. They loved them and I did not feel bad that they were leaving empty handed. For my aunts I baked them all 2 mini loaves of a flavored bread and attached a handmade card.

      My cousins and I are all avid readers and we each brought a book from our own stash and wrapped it then play a game to give the books out. We all had a fun time and all left with a new-to-us book to read.

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      from: J Diane Northcutt
      Date: 7/4/2008 6:31:55 AM
      Subject: Re: : Christmas without money

      I understand how badly you feel.We were broke last year at Christmas. We gave our three kids that are still at home( ages 9, 12 & 13) a small inexpensive gift andnoone else got anything. My Mom and two adult children came for Christmas dinner.

      I hated not being able to give them a gift.
      I am going to make a suggestion. Don’t let your kids think that Santa can’t afford to visit them. They’ll end up thinking Santa does not like them as well as the kids that he did give too.

      Go ahead and tell them the truth – there is no Santa. You have to tell them sooner or later that he is not real. Tell them sooner.

      Don’t let them feel rejected and passed over by him. That is exactly how they will feel if they think that he gave to everyone else but them. My two oldest kids believed in Santa, but my three youngest never did.

      We decided that we were not going to the whole (made up ) Santa thing with them. They have loved and enjoyed christmas just as much as the Kids that did believe in Santa. We’re a homeschool family that reads a lot of biographies.

      In the past families celebrated Christmas differently. Gifts were seconary. Each person might have gotten ONE small item.

      Often something they need (shirt , socks, etc) or possibly a treat such as candy. The big deal was a very special dinner. They focused on a big special dinner with all the trimmings.

      They sat around feasting . Laughter and games seem to have been the highlight.


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