Christmas without money

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      When my oldest daughter was little (she’s 26 now) I was pregnant with

      my oldest son(22) and my ex had just left me a few days after


      I didn’t have a job, I wasn’t getting child support yet, plus I all

      the household bills to pay. My Dad was great! He knew all the right

      people to talk to about getting me the help and financial aid that I


      Christmas was very lean that year but I will always remember it and

      cherish it.

      I made Karen a very pretty ragdoll from fabric I already had with a

      pattern from a magazine. I sewed a lot so I had a lot of fabric. I

      made her a couple of flannel nightgowns, bought coloring books and

      new crayons and a few simple toys from the Goodwill Store.

      I saved trading stamps and I had enough of those to get a Nativity

      scene to put under the tree.

      I was so nervous about Christmas morning, but Karen loved everything

      she got! She was so happy with her gifts and never realized that we

      were poor.

      Later that day her father showed up with a big bag full of fancy toys

      from Sears. She played with them for a few days, but nothing made her

      happier than that ragdoll I made her. (I was tickled! lol)

      I still have that worn out ragdoll and keep it to remember that you

      don’t have to have money to make someone happy.


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