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      One of our Christmas traditions is to start a jigsaw puzzle together. It's inexpensive and something that we can still work on as we talk. In our house, presents are usually secondary to the puzzle and the time together.

      And if your family doesn't think gifts have to be “new”, there are a whole range of options open up! Gifts can be much more meaningful and can be found at thrift stores, used book stores, yard sales, craft fairs, traded with others, made from recyclable materials, etc.

      On Fri, Jul 4, 2008 at 7:59 AM, jbeli70618 <> wrote:


      I'm new to this board. But was reading about not being able to

      afford Christmas. If you're looking for some fun projects to make

      for Christmas. Check out the website They have tons

      of projects for kids. Whether making gifts for others and making

      gifts for children. Check thrift stores or garage sales around your

      areas for supplies. You should be able to pick them up really

      cheap. Good luck! I think it will be the Christmas to remember with

      your children.

      Val Coulman

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