Christmas without money

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      This reminded me of a homemade idea I saw once. YOu get those clthes

      pins that they make dolls out of (has a knob on top; not the spring

      type). You put several of these in a plastic school box (usually 50

      ents at Walmart) and add little scraps of cloth, lace, buttons,

      sequins, yarn, etc and it is a make-your-own doll kit. The child can

      draw faces on the clothespins and make clothes from the little

      scraps. I thought it was the cutest idea and one day will make these

      for my girls.

      Another idea is buying a plastic sand pail and filling it with fun

      bath products. I know you can google and find homemade soaps, bubble

      bath, etc. that you can make cheaply and put in those little travel

      bottles. Add a couple of rubber duckies and a cute face cloth. Maybe

      a bath poof or puppet. You can find all this at the Dollar Tree or

      similar store.

      Lorraine in GA

      — In, “Karen” wrote:


      > Someone mentioned not being able to afford Christmas for kids this

      > year and I think now would be a good time to share things to MAKE


      > Christmas for little or no money. A friend of mine said her


      > Christmas was a doll and doll clothes she got one year for


      > She was at a family dinner and they were talking about their


      > Christmas and when my friend mentioned the doll her mother broke


      > crying. Her mother told her that that year they’d had no money for

      > Christmas – so her father had made her a doll house and had made

      > furniture out of whatever they could find. They had gotten a doll


      > Goodwill and her mom had sewn the clothes. Her mother said she had

      > cried thinking what a terrible Christmas but it was my friends

      > favorite one – maybe she could feel the love in the handmade items!


      > Here are my ideas – and now is a good time to start making things.

      > Also, be sure to start watching for things from freecycle and

      > watching garage sales and thrift shops.


      > 1. Doll house – (the little white plastic things in Pizza boxes


      > good tables)

      > 2. Doll clothes – (could even be for a doll she already has)

      > 3. Bean bags – (for small child make one shaped like a frog – for

      > older kids make squares and then take a piece of cardboard – cut

      > holes in it and paint(or use crayons) around each hole in a


      > color)

      > 4. Take a piece of cardboard and draw roads, gas station, etc and

      > get a car that fits the roads you draw or again – use a car he

      > already has.

      > 5. School supplies will soon be really cheap at WalMart/Target and

      > such places – grab a few extras and put away for Christmas.

      > 6. Get some recycling ideas and make a kit and give to older kids.

      > You can make a bird house out of a milk carton or maybe you have


      > scrap wood and hubby can cut out a wood bird house – you can add


      > paint, screws, etc and make your own kit. KarenMO

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