Christmas with no money

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      another version – my Mom has 10 brothers and sisters and we get together
      each December for the holidays. With all siblings, their kids and
      grandkids, cousins, aunts and uncles, etc. there can easily be 200 people

      We quit exchanging gifts about 6 years ago. The tradition
      now is to bring one gift each for your own children so they’ll have
      something to open. We usually get the kids something less than $5 for
      this exchange.

      The other thing we do is pick a charity and let everyone
      donate to it while together. There are several family members that work
      in non-profit venues so we usually pick them (the year my Dad died of cancer it
      was chosen to be Cancer Research). Anyway – the pot is passed and
      you give what you can, be it $1 or $100.

      We usually get anywhere from
      $500-$1000 for the charity of choice and everyone feels better for it. No
      more trinkets you have to dust or items that don’t fit your tastes; just
      a sense of making the world a little better for those less fortunate than we
      are. And we have learned to enjoy each other’s company now instead
      of dreading all the extended obligatory gift giving.

      There are some that
      choose to get stuff for others – they aren’t discouraged from doing
      so nor are the ones that can’t berated for not.

      Another thought, as I realize everyone needs to do how they celebrate differently

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