Christmas with no money

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      Here are some more thoughts:

      1. Since your kids are older and Gift from Santa is no longer the

      looming big issue, what about instituting a gift swap, where everyone

      in the family picks one other family member and you try and find a

      nice little gift under $5 or $10? This can be expanded to your larger

      family if you have extended family that expects gifts.

      2. Gift certificates for little signs of affection are always nice.

      My kids are younger so last year I gave them gift certificates good

      for an extra story at bedtime, picking a family game night date & the

      game to play, a backrub, a movie night at home. I’m sure with a

      little forethought you can come up with some things that will make

      them happy (offering to cook their favorite meal, letting them stay

      out 1 hr. past curfew, etc.).

      4. Our library system has annual used book sales, where the books are

      $1-$10 and even free. You can find some nice inexpensive gifts here

      even in the free section.

      As some others have pointed out, the true meaning of Christmas is not

      what you get but to celebrate the birth of Jesus and to cherish the

      love of your family.

      Good luck with your decisions,


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