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      I have done most of my Christmas shopping for my kids. Actually I think
      I had most of it done in January.. The best time to get “cheap” toys
      (inexpensive) is when all of the holiday toys go on clearance in
      January. I was able to buy the kinds of toys that my kids like for
      mostly 75% off.. some deals weren’t quite as good (40-50% off) but still
      great compared to normal yearly sales.. I still frequent the clearance
      sections of stores (but I HATE shopping) for deals.. but none are
      usually as good as those right after Christmas.

      As far as what to buy everyone else.. hahaha.. I have NO idea.. I am
      going to try making a good bit of stuff for everyone else.. I’m not sure
      what to do for a few people.. but I’ve got a little bit of time to worry
      about it.. so hopefully I’ll have some divine inspiration between now
      and then..


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