Christmas panic

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      Here are my suggestions…

      For Mom- a reading journal. You can find them at websites like or maybe from a stationary store. Some of them are

      in the range of $15 or so, and some are really elaborate and can be

      really expensive gifts.

      For Dad- a recipe book for him to journal his favorite recipes in.

      Would be a great start to a family recipe book for later generations.

      For Brother and Sister in law- If they have really wide spread music

      appreciation, try giving one of the 70’s, 80’s, or 90’s “greatest

      hits” CD’s. It might really hit the spot without hitting you in the

      wallet, or it might turn into a funny gift if it is not quite what

      they like. Would be a funny evening of “remember when that was

      always on the radio” walks down memory lane.

      For Daughter- Two is such a fun age. I would try out some Crayola

      Color Wonder or Color Explosion pens and papers. My 3 year old

      daughter was in love with them because she did not have to stay

      right at the table with them and was allowed to color more often

      then when I could closely watch her for scribbles on other things.

      If you have extra money to spend, this is where I would do it, the

      adults should be able to understand 🙂

      I would think that two is a great age to do dress up clothes, or a

      toy kitchen if money and room allow it.

      Daycare- I would do something like a small gift basket with Hershey

      kisses, and a note to the effect of “To replace all the kisses you

      spend on boo boo fixing when I am not there, thank you for taking

      the time to care about (your daughter’s name) enough to take such

      great care of her for me!”


      — In, “pseuzanne” wrote:


      > I’m a full-time student, and child support is my only income right

      > now, so needless to say my budget is tight. However, I’m


      > NOT to go into debt (other than my school loans – for tuition


      > before I graduate. Here’s where the panic sets in. I have 6 people

      > to buy for at Christmas (mom, dad, brother, sister-in-law, 2-year-

      > old daughter, wonderful daycare provider)…not alot, but

      > nevertheless it adds up. I’m looking for suggestions for


      > presents that SEEM like they cost alot more money! Unfortunately,


      > haven’t had time this year to acquire free samples, peruse many


      > sales, or earn gift cards via online companies. And, I have very

      > limited time in my schedule to shop, so my normal bargain-hunting


      > a bit curtailed. With all that said, do you have any suggestions


      > the following people/interests?


      > Mom – 60 years old, likes reading, travel, New England, clothes

      > Dad – 60 years old, likes motorcycling, cooking, photography

      > Brother – 40 years old, likes ice hockey, gardening, eclectic music

      > Sister-in-Law – 48? years old, likes reading, art, eclectic music

      > Daughter – 2 years old, likes reading, crafts, ride-on toys

      > Daycare – 40-something, don’t really know her personal interests,

      > very down-to-earth person


      > Help!


      > Thanks,

      > Suzanne

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