Christmas panic

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      I always find great hard cover books make great Christmas presents. I

      love them myself.

      My mom loves gardening and I found a beautiful book about container

      gardening with inspirational pictures on the clearance rack at Barnes

      and Noble. it was 5.99 regularly 29.99. I bought my Sister in Law

      who loves to cook a Barefoot Contessa cookbook for $10 brand new on

      ebay and it is regulary $35.00. Barnes and Noble has beautiful art

      books too.

      Keeping with the book theme, I am either getting a “Scholastic Book

      Order Gift Certificate” for my kids’ teachers or donating a book to

      the school library in their name.

      I find buying for my own kids (5&8)difficult. They already have

      everything (and more) they could ever need. And we have a few overly

      generous relatives that give way to much. i don’t want to buy junk

      for the sake of having stuff under the tree but santa needs to come…

      michelle in ma

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