Christmas panic

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      On a side note, don’t forget that
      some people are highly sensitive to fragrances and won’t be able to use

      What I’ve done the past few years
      for my kids homeroom teachers is send a note out at the end of November or
      first of December and volunteer to collect donations and go buy a GC to the
      teachers favorite place. I don’t set a dollar amount, just tell the
      parents that all money will be used toward the card. Some parents send in
      a couple of dollars and a few do $10 or more. This way the teacher gets
      one really nice thing instead of 23 little things. I also buy a card and
      let them all sign it (even the ones that didn’t donate since it’s
      not their fault).

      Another thing I thought of for this year
      is to put money on their school lunch accounts. They aren’t allowed
      to leave campus to eat so this would help out, too.

      I do buy things on sale/clearance and keep
      on hand for gift-giving opportunities. This just helps when it comes time
      to actually buy something.

      12.0pt;font-family:Arial;”>I totally agree with you!!!!
      You get what you pay for! While I may not want to spend a huge amount on
      a gift for a teacher, etc, I do want to get quality and something nice not just
      the cheapest thing I can find. If you put a little effort into it you can
      get some very nice things for not a lot of money.


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