Christmas panic

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      I taught preschool and ran a home daycare/preschool for 6 years. I had some wonderful parents who would give me wonderful gifts like craft supplies! I woudl get paper, pens, glue etc to help withcosts and plus it was a bonus for their kids also….I see alot of these supplies at the Dollar store. Most daycare providers will love things like this…I eventually stopped my daycare as one family contracted me to care for their kids only, they owned a division of HP and would give me things on a bigger scale to help with their kids….(like a computer) but I still enjoyed recieving those packages of goodies and thinking up all the fun things the kids and I could do.


      Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2007 22:32:45 +0000
      Subject: Re: : Christmas panic

      This was my first thought too. But it can be embarrassing to have no
      gifts if someone gives you one. But food or baked goods are always
      nice. My granddaughters live with their other grandparents and money
      is just not there. For my birthday they brought me a bottle of
      lavender hand lotion (I like lavender)from the dollar store
      and made me a pint container of macaroni salad with peas and cheese
      and other stuff that I like. My husband doesn’t like macaroni salad
      with those things in it so I never make it that way. It was a treat
      for me that lasted several days!!

      Another good gift especially for grandparents can be a picture of the
      child or you and the child together. Find a frame at dollar store or
      garage sale.

      Might suggest drawing names for adults – thus only 1 gift to buy.

      — In, Lori wrote:
      > I suggest not giving the adults anything, except perhaps your
      daycare provider and baked goods would be a nice gift for her. My
      family has long since stopped giving gifts to anyone but the children
      and no one is the worse for it. You can get more than enough to keep
      a two year old happy with $10 at a dollar store.
      > Lori.
      > pseuzanne wrote:
      > I’m a full-time student, and child support is my only
      income right
      > now, so needless to say my budget is tight. However, I’m determined
      > NOT to go into debt (other than my school loans – for tuition only)
      > before I graduate. Here’s where the panic sets in. I have 6 people
      > to buy for at Christmas (mom, dad, brother, sister-in-law, 2-year-
      > old daughter, wonderful daycare provider)…not alot, but
      > nevertheless it adds up. I’m looking for suggestions for
      > presents that SEEM like they cost alot more money! Unfortunately, I
      > haven’t had time this year to acquire free samples, peruse many
      > sales, or earn gift cards via online companies. And, I have very
      > limited time in my schedule to shop, so my normal bargain-hunting
      > a bit curtailed. With all that said, do you have any suggestions
      > the following people/interests?
      > Mom – 60 years old, likes reading, travel, New England, clothes
      > Dad – 60 years old, likes motorcycling, cooking, photography
      > Brother – 40 years old, likes ice hockey, gardening, eclectic music
      > Sister-in-Law – 48? years old, likes reading, art, eclectic music
      > Daughter – 2 years old, likes reading, crafts, ride-on toys
      > Daycare – 40-something, don’t really know her personal interests,
      > very down-to-earth person
      > Help!
      > Thanks,
      > Suzanne
      > __________________________________________________

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