Christmas panic

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      I agree except I found an exception….I use ALOT of lotion with my etremely dry skin and working in the medical field so I continuley wash my hands..I am always dry and do get prescription lotion….but..I found the NEW lotion that Target has in thier $1 bins are great!!!! I dont feel like I have to be sparse…I prob woulndt give as a gift..(I buy alot after Christmas sales or the $5 sale Bath and Body has for gifts..) but it is good to use myself. As a gift I agree and would rather give a nice gift even if seems less then a big gift that is “cheap”

      no wrath here…!


      Date: Sat, 3 Nov 2007 03:49:17 -0700
      Subject: : Re: Christmas panic

      I hope I do not stir the wrath of anyone about what I am going to say…

      Very often, when looking for gift ideas, whether it is for teachers and family members, suggestions are made to purchase candles and shower gel at dollar stores. I am sure others have, but I have never received a candle or shower gel from a dollar store that was worth the dollar. The cheap candles smell like wax and the cheap gels and bubble bath do not lather or smell good. You can get Yankee, Village or Olde Virginia brand votive candle for under $2 and pair them with a votive holder from the dollar store. Wrap in cellophane, tie with a ribbon and that is a gift that can be enjoyed. Bath and Body sells 2 oz. bottles of bubble bath, shower gel, and lotion that are excellent quality. I’d rather get and give small baskets or gift bags of nice things than big displays of junk.

      I am going to crawl under my desk and hide now.



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