Christmas panic

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      I got each of the kids a subscription for Christmas off eBay- 2 of the

      subscriptions were bundled together for $11 for 3 years worth of Disney

      Adventure and Nickolodean magazine. I also got J-14 for my older

      daughter for 2 years for $8.

      The only thing I would caution on for ebay magazines is that it can

      take a bit longer to get started, so do it now and have the first

      issues sent to you. Then, just before Christmas, call the company and

      change the address. I’ve got 2 issues each of Disney & Nickolodean

      already, and will get at least 1 more of each before then- I plan to

      wrap them up for the kids to open. So much cheaper than using the tear

      cards in the magazines, or by contacting the magazines directly.

      — In, Jeanne Perillo wrote:


      > A gift that I love to give/receive are magazine subscriptions. They

      usually cost no more than $20 and it last for the entire year. Some

      magazines have BOGO deals too. No shopping the stores either!!! Also,

      it lasts the entire year!


      > Jeanne


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