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      How to Transform Tree into a Christmas Gnome

      I absolutely adore this idea created & shared by Lisa Smith Laposata

      “So when we bought our house a few years ago, I always thought the trees that framed the front of the house would make perfect gnomes at Christmas. ?

      tree gnome for christmas
      Photo by: Lisa smith Laposata

      This year, I finally decided to take it on and figure out how to make something that was big enough to pop from street level, while at the same time, remain weatherproof and able to withstand wind. ?

      How to Form the Beard

      So I devised a plan to create the beard with cut up strips of plastic tablecloths from Dollar Tree to weave into chicken wire like a huge latch-hook rug. Then came the task of figuring how to hang it securely into the tree. Two wire hangers threaded through either side of the chicken wire made for the perfect solution.

      After the beard came together, the next challenge was the nose. I sacrificed one of my huge Tupperware bowls – painted it and attached it with another wire hanger. ?

      We threw on a makeshift brim to his hat with the rest of the red mesh roll that was left over from making the pom pom that tops his hat.

      ? Today, my plan is to go to JoAnn’s and get some faux fur to cut in a strip to replace the makeshift red brim to make him look a little more Nordic.

      Overall, I’m tickled with how he came out and he seems to be making quite an impact on those driving through to view our annual neighborhood Christmas displays.” – Lisa Smith Laposata

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      If you love gnomes, here are some adorable Christmas Gnomes for the porch.

      Tomato Cage Christmas Gnome Porch Decor

      They’re made using a Tomato cage, potatoes for noses, Christmas tree branches and a hat with gloves!

      Flip the tomato cage upside down and affix evergreen branches to the cage, securing with zip ties. This forms the body. Then attach a potato for a nose, zip tie some mittens to the sides and an oversized hat. You can actually used the leg of oversized knit pajamas (makes 2 hats!).

      Just tuck the cut part in the back so no one sees it.

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