Christmas Dinners

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      That sounds like a good plan. And it was liked by all? I would love to do something simple.

      Maybe we can do that this year. Does not help that it is my birthday as well.

      Karen wrote: Most of the years my kids were growing up, my husband & I both worked
      nights and Christmas Eve was no exception. I’d get home midnite to 2am
      and hubby at 6am Christmas
      morning. We’d open presents and hubby would
      go to bed.

      I sure didn’t feel like cooking a large meal – so most
      times we’d just have an easy buffet all day.

      I’d cut up ham and cheese into cubes put on a platter with toothpicks
      (kids will eat almost anything with toothpicks!!) I’d bake cookies and
      freeze them starting right after Thanksgiving so I’d get those out.
      Usually had fudge, carrot sticks, celery with peanut butter and
      sometimes crackers with the cheese in cans that kids love to play with.

      Made for a relaxing holiday and kids loved being able to “snack” all
      day instead of formal meals. Then when Christmas fell on my days off,
      we’d have the traditional turkey or ham and all the trimmings. KarenMO

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