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      For the first time ever, we are actually just staying home for

      Christmas day this year. Since we moved, we now live at least an

      hour from any relatives, and it’s just hard trying to get the kids

      up, get presents opened, get dressed, and get to someone’s house by

      11am when we have an hour of travel time (or longer) involved.

      Last year, we were home by mid afternoon, as we just visited 1

      family member in the same town, as opposed to going to see my family

      over an hour away, and staying the entire day, or even several days.

      We just stuck a ham in the crock pot that morning, and had that and

      some potates and what not for dinner. Nothing fancy, and certianly

      nothing I would classify as a Christmas Dinner.

      Part of our desicion to stay home was made by my husband’s family

      celebrating Christmas on the 16th this year- his aunt always hosts

      it, but she’s a nurse, so one in 3 or 4 years, she works on

      Christas. That’s happening this year.

      That got me thinking that Nick’s grandma will be alone on Christmas,

      so I invited her. Unfortunatly, she hates driving in the winter, so

      that meant I needed to invite Nick’s mother, sister, and our neice

      as well. His mother & sister are horrid people to which I can’t even

      begin to explain. Suffice to say, neither of us likes having either

      of them in our home (they tend to steal medications my son takes for

      adhd, and any pain pills we occasionally have, along with my panic

      attack meds).

      After inviting the 4some, I talked with my step-mom, and thought it

      would be nice if my dad & step-mom came down for the day as well, so

      I invited them. Frankly, I’d prefer them, as would my husband (he

      can’t stand having his family over anymore than me).

      Now, this leaves me with a dilemma- I have an extra 6 people to feed

      for Christmas. Easily, this will be the largest crowd I’ve ever fed

      for a meal. One year a few years back, my aunt, step-mom, and dad

      came for Easter dinner, but the kids are several years bigger, much

      hungerier, and what not.

      I don’t neccessarily want to go cheap, and I can afford to pick up

      stuff as long as I spread it out over the next few weeks. But, being

      the tightwad I am, I also like to keep the costs down.

      I’m doing a ham dinner, but with 7 adults and 4 kids, I don’t know

      that 1 boneless ham will be enough. I don’t want to make up a

      turkey, too much meat along with a ham, I think.

      I would love some appetizer ideas, along with sides. My thoughts are

      changing it up from Thanksgiving, which I’ve put on for our own

      family for the past 3 years now.

      To give you an idea, this year for Thanksgiving, I made (or in some

      cases, bought premade):


      Green Bean Casserole

      Candied Yams

      Garlic & Chedder Mashed Potatoes

      Turkey Gravy


      Deviled Eggs

      Cranberry jelly

      Cranberry/Apple Jello

      Noodles & Broth


      Pecan Pie

      Pumpkin Pie

      Gingerbread Cookies

      2 Cheesecakes (these were brought by my aunt who was our guest this


      I’m figuring the yams & stuffing are out, as with the 2 cranberry

      dishes & the turkey.

      I only eat corn, and I don’t want to get rid of the casserole, but I

      want at least 1 more vegetable side dish. Potatoes and gravy are a


      I want some appetizers, though, aside from or in place of deviled

      eggs. Maybe 2 or 3 ideas?

      I’m going to pick stuff up that isn’t fresh over the next few weeks,

      so the costs will be spread out. I want a nice big meal, with enough

      left overs to send home some with everyone, and still have plenty

      for our own fridge.

      Maybe a 2nd meat- meatballs? I’m not sure what.

      I’d love your ideas!

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