Christmas Bartering????

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      I am also very interested in this, I have some homemade salsa to

      barter with. A few of the knited boas, and some flip flops with the

      front crocheted with fun fur.


      > Is anybody intersted in batering this Christmas? We have a home

      business where we make “specialty nuts” and we love to make gift

      baskets of homemade gifts for family and friends. If anybody has a

      jelly/jam, salsa, homemade wine, homemade crafts..bees wax candles, soy

      candles, dish rags, scrubbers, knitted items, soaps, ornaments etc…it

      woudl be really fun to create a group of barterers for these items then

      everyone can give nice homemade crafts for friends and family…with

      only shipping costs.

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