Christmas Bartering????

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      I’m so sorry for your loss.

      Donna NJ


      From: K Ranagan <>

      Date: 2007/10/02 Tue PM 12:08:38 CDT


      Subject: Re: : Christmas Bartering????

      I just wanted to tell you that I think you have an awesome idea ! I used to

      make just about everything and then my 5 year old daughter died after a car

      accident because of a botched 911 call. I went through a terrible depression and

      havent really made anything since. I have 3 young grandchildren now and since

      not working, your idea would be a great one. Maybe you have given me the spark

      to get back to life and craft. Do you have a website for your items ? I dont

      have much money, but love nuts. I used to always buy the smoked almonds at the

      store. I hope your boyfriend is feeling better soon. Have you ever been on ? It is awesome and you can ask for baskets on there and

      everything is FREE !! That is where I get my clothes. I had a huge home and

      everything and then depression hit me and I let everything go, just didnt are

      and couldnt get out of bed…. Good Luck

      Tressa Watts <> wrote: Is anybody intersted in

      batering this Christmas? We have a home business where we make “specialty nuts”

      and we love to make gift baskets of homemade gifts for family and friends. If

      anybody has a jelly/jam, salsa, homemade wine, homemade crafts..bees wax

      candles, soy candles, dish rags, scrubbers, knitted items, soaps, ornaments

      etc…it woudl be really fun to create a group of barterers for these items then

      everyone can give nice homemade crafts for friends and family…with only

      shipping costs.

      We collect baskets through the summer at yardsales…(and even with CLOSE family

      members we ask for the baskets back.) make cookies, smoke cheese and dipped

      chocolate pretzels and everyone loves these gifts. We usually barter during the

      farmers markets where we sell our nuts but my boyfriend hurt his leg and has

      been on crutches and unable to attend the markets..

      We sell homemade roasted nuts (in a commercial pralinator)with different flavors

      like Hot butter Rum Walnuts, cinnamon pecans, cinnamon almonds, sweet and salty

      cashews and almonds and cinnamon Hazelnuts.

      So if anybody is wanting to do some bartering for HOMEMADE items let me know!!!

      Thanx Tressa

      Washington State

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