Chore charts anyone?

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      Do you have a meal plan per month?

      IF so list it here.

      I am new to this group so if something like this already exists, let me know.

      I am going to try to figure out something that is not so bland and boring, but I

      think next month it is going to be bland and boring, unless I spend a little

      more time on my menus.

      What I am trying to say is that I never know what we are having for dinner till

      about 30 minutes before I throw it together.

      For budgeting purposes, I have decided, that we will have the same thing, or

      something similar every monday, like chicken something, and veggies

      tuesday will be pork something, and veggies

      wednesday will be roast gravy and veggies,

      You get the picture.

      We have finally hit a point in our lives that if I dont get a job soon, whether

      babysitting or a physical job, we are going to be penny pinching like crazy.

      so this is what I have come up with as just a generality and I am sure I will

      modify it as we go along. Plus I am sure at some point on the weekends we will

      do something else every once in a while like order pizza, or go to burger king.

      This include Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.


      pop tart

      hot dog/ chick nug./macncheese

      Chili mac, peas


      eggs sausage

      fish sticks, lipton noodles, peaches

      taco day / chicken nuggets


      biscuit gravy

      ham, chick nug, peas n carrots

      roast, potatoes, carrots, green beans


      biscuit jelly egg

      pbj, pears

      hamburger helper


      eggs cheese

      grilled cheese, carrots, applesauce

      goulash, mac, hamb. Tomato soup


      Cinn. Toast, cereal

      turkey, green beans, mashed potato

      Chicken Mushroom, Rice, green beans



      salisbury, sweet potato, mix vegs

      pulled pork, lipton noodles


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