Chore charts anyone?

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      I bought a few of the fridge-magnet chore charts for my kids, but what

      has worked best for me was to custom make one using an excel

      spreadsheet. These are great b/c you can customize it for exactly

      what you want to have, it can be modified when you need to update it,

      and it’s fairly inexpensive.

      I print it out once a week for my two kids and it lists what I expect

      them to do this summer (during the school year, homework is so

      incredibly huge we cut back to the basics, similar to below for when

      my son was young).

      I didn’t call it a Chore Chart, I told them this was their Summer

      Expectation Schedule. It’s divided up into Morning/Evening Routine

      (similar to below for young boy), Household Cleanup (the basic stuff I

      expect of them everyday), Chore Help (lists 4-5 & they have to do

      2-3/day), Practice (math; you could add any sports or music practice

      too), & Exercise (Mind = Reading Rest, Body= Physical Exercise). When

      they meet these goals, they get a reward ticket at the end of the day

      and have earned the right to screen time the next day (ie, TV or

      computer or video game).

      When my son was very little (before dd came along), I bought a

      chalkboard and drew pictures of what he had to do after waking up and

      before going to bed. He had 4 things in the morning (get dressed, eat

      breakfast, go potty, brush teeth) & 4 things in the evening (PJs on,

      eat dinner, go potty, brush teeth — see the pattern?). I drew little

      pictures for each one (quite a feat for me b/c I am no artist) and

      wrote the words underneath (so he could start pairing words w/images!).

      Hope this helps!!!

      — In, “Charlene Ada Willoughby”



      > Anyone know where to get a good chore chart and personal care chart,

      2 in one maybe, that has at least 4 places to put names too? No one

      wants to help around here.


      > Char


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