Chore charts anyone?

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      make a chore chart out of 2 papper plates and a brad (i think thats

      what they are called) i allways just called them spinnie things lol.

      first papper plate has the outter part trimmed off and then put the

      names on it and put lines between names so that what ever is in the

      lines on that name is that persons chores. the other one has chores put

      on it and bingo chore chart.

      personal care chart hmmm. make it out of note book papper. names

      across the top diveded by lines that run down the whole page. on the

      side is the stuff to do on the lines all ready there. check each item

      done. as its done.

      if thease dont help maybe they will at least give you some ideas for

      makeing your own.


      — In, “Charlene Ada Willoughby”



      > Anyone know where to get a good chore chart and personal care chart,

      2 in one maybe, that has at least 4 places to put names too? No one

      wants to help around here.


      > Char


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