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      I had several requests for my chore chart so I’ve attached it here. It’s just one I made up on my own. But, I’ve found that, by being organized, I can get all my chores done in about an hour and half a ton of time to spend with my dd (or alone).

      my dd is six and helps with everything on the list. she’s been taught since she could walk that she’s part of the family “team” and we all work on keeping the house clean.

      the stuff that gets done every day is in a box on the left side of the page. when that job gets done for the day, i mark off the letter for the day of the week (ssmtwtf = saturday, sunday, monday, etc).

      couple of clarifications – the term dvm refers to my hubby’s c-pap machine. it has to be washed periodically. and, jett is our hamster (so we have a chore on there to feed jett).


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