Chocolate Mint Spoon

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      Excellent for Christmas gifts!!

      red plastic spoons
      2 Hershey chocolate bars (no nuts)
      crushed peppermint
      gold ribbon

      Melt 2 Hershey bars/no nuts.
      Dip spoons in melted chocolate
      Immediately dip choc. covered spoon in crushed peppermint.
      Tie a thin gold ribbon on spoon handle

      you rock

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      I like this idea–yummy…

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      real easy to make and doesnt cost alot!!

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      I am making these and adding them to a coffee cup with a few packets of instant coffee in them – this is one of the gifts I am giving this year 🙂

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      what a great idea. I have received more Christmas coffee mugs as gifts over the years than we use. I was also looking at the small flavored coffee samples for a buck or so at the store not long ago.

      (was going to treat myself but decided I could use other flavorings in my regular coffee instead) Would not mind buying them as part of a gift though. I have seen the red spoons at the Dollar Tree. You ladies rock with ideas.

      Thanks for sharing.

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      I could only find the white spoons, you just gave me an idea, I am going to check out the dollar tree here!! Thanks Niddi!!

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