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      Chocolate-Mint Mousse Soap

      2 oz. White Chocolate
      16 oz. Olive Oil
      1/4 C.

      Cocoa Powder
      1 oz. Dark Chocolate
      15 oz. Tepid Water
      6 oz.

      18 oz. Coconut Oil
      4 oz.Palm Oil
      2 oz. Cocoa Butter
      1 oz.

      Peppermint EO

      (This recipe is from Country Living – Handmade Soap Book….it makes a
      40 oz. batch, which is 2.8 lbs. I would adjust the eo amount to suit
      your particular quality eo)

      1) Prepare the mold/s.

      2) Melt the white chocolate with 1oz. of the olive oil.

      3) Blend in the cocoa, set aside in a warm place.

      4) Melt dark chocolate with 1 oz. olive oil. Set aside in warm place.

      5) Blend water and lye. Set aside to cool to 110*F.

      6) Melt coconut, palm, and cocoa butter.

      7) Blend in remaining (14oz) olive oil. Cool to 110*F.

      8) Slowly blend the lye solution into the oils.

      9) Stir to trace. Add EO and stir well. Pour 1/3 into mold.

      10) Add the white chocolate to soap and blend lightly. May get marbled

      11) Pour half of soap into the mold.

      12) Add the dark chocolate to the rest of the soap, blending

      13) Pour into mold. Let it rest 24-36 hours before releasing from mold.

      14) Cure 4-6 weeks.

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      I’ve been thinking about making these for christmas gifts this year, but I’m not sure what else to include in the gift basket.. any ideas?

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      I would add a handmade ornament or another crafty item (lots of them here to choose from) and maybe some home made cookies or candies.

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      If your making soap, I would keep with the Bathroom theme and make a potpourri gift basket and some other bath items.

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